At Prodecoplus we strive to help you make your working space professional, welcoming, warm and comfortable for your customers. But don’t be fooled… We offer more than just decoration!

Starting from a background in Physical Education & Sports Science and a true passion for sports, our founder Constantinos Kyprianou, had suffered multiple injuries throughout the years. This forced him to spend quite some time at the offices of physicians, where he noticed the lack of medical and anatomical charts, especially in Greek, to help patients like him visualize what they were going through. This together with his passion for photography is what ignited Prodecoplus.

Prodecoplus Phase One                                                                                                                                                                           

We first started with creating accurate medical and educational anatomical posters in both English and Greek. But we wanted our posters to be more than purely informative, so we went a step further and gave them a designer touch to bring some colour and character to your professional space. What was left was to make them ready for use and so we decided to print them on hard material (PVC or canvas) so that they are ready to be hung on your wall, without any additional cost!

Our specialty illustrations - created with the support of a team of Physicians and Physiotherapists - are ideal for medical or rehabilitation professionals (Orthopedics, Pathologists, Otorhinolaryngologists, Ophthalmologists, Physiotherapists, Reflexologists and Chiropractors), as well as for medical schools and hospitals. They can help upgrade your image as a medical professional, as well as the image of your practice, or institution.

What’s more, our anatomical posters can help you build a relationship of trust between yourself and your patients /clients, helping them better understand the problem they are facing and the solution you can offer them.

Prodecoplus Phase Two

As Constantinos is a Cypriot Photography lover, it wasn’t long before we had to dive into amazing photographs from Cyprus landscapes, landmarks and sunsets, with the help and support of some of the top photographers in Cyprus. Our selection of photos are printed on high quality canvas and sprayed with a special UV protectant before they are delivered to hotels, schools, universities, public buildings, municipalities, organisations, or anywhere else our clients might be.

Moving on, we now also offer photos and illustrations that bring character and warmth to Coffee shops, Gyms, Spas and Beauty Salons.

Continuous Additions

We strive to continuously add new images and photos to our portfolio, covering the needs of all the above customers. If you are missing something from the range of posters we currently offer please contact our team, as that may already be work in progress. If not, then we will definitely consider adding your request to our future developments.